IPT starts up a series of company trainings with Angular 4 and TypeScript in autumn 2017

The 5th edition of the IPT course Angular 4 + TypeScript is forthcoming. Those wishing to participate in a Saturday-Sunday edition for individual participants starting on October 14, 2017 may apply from http://iproduct.org/schedule/

The up-to-date version of the Angular Platform offers a unique combination of features and tools that increase productivity while developing, testing and maintaining dynamic web clients many times .

Angular 4 builds on the success of AngularJS, but is significantly more efficient by rendering large components of trees tens of times faster.

Angular technology is developed by Google in conjunction with Microsoft’s TypeScript. The open source platform is supported and developed by a large community of developers and offers multiple extensions that reflect the latest trends in client application development.

The Angular 4 + TypeScript course includes both detailed practical views of the Angular 4 platform (components, directives, pipes, services, dependency injection, routing and load-on modules, as well as current trends and extensions)

  • Redux & NGRX – Reducers, Selectors, Middleware, NGRX Router, IndexedDB;
  • Treatment of observable streams of asynchronous actions and isolation of side effects using @Effect Decorator with NGRX / RxJS reactive transforms;
  • Integration of Material Design with libraries from third party components such as PrimeNG;
  • Apolo – Angular integration with GraphQL (Facebook) as an alternative / REST extension;
  • Webpack, HMR, lazy loading, AOT etc.

The course includes many practical examples of the development of Angular 2 components as well as larger single-page applications that integrate them. More information and program code can be found at @GitHubhttps://github.com/iproduct/course-angular

Lecturer Trayan Iliev has a number of presentations to the Angular and React Sofia groups, as well as to international conferences for developers: jPrime, jPofessionals, Voxxed Days, BGJUG and BGOUG. He has done a lot of trainings for AngularJS, Angular 2 (4 editions), ReactJS, Node, Express, Hapi.

Since 2003 IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies (http://iproduct.org/) offers IT trainings and consulting related to JavaScript / TypeScript, Angular, Node.js, Express, React, SQL / NoSQL DBs, Java SE / EE / Spring web and mobile technologies and platforms.