Modis launches “Fullstack React, Express and TypeScript” Academy in July

Modis Bulgaria in partnership with IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies launch a “Fullstack React, Express and TypeScript” academy in July, 2022.
ReactJS is may be the most popular JavaScript library for building Single Page Applications (SPA), with over 10 million deployments, used in 44.76% of Top10K web sites in the world, according to BuiltWith. The academy provides unique chance to learn how to develop modern, functionally-oriented web components and applications with ReactJS, and how to integrate them in fullstack ТypeScript projects. Lecturers in the academy are Trayan Iliev from IPT, as well as leading developers from Modis, who will share their real projects experience.

The academy is targeted towards beginner and medium level developers with knowledge of web standards (HTTP, REST, CORS, etc.) and practical experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The application process is conducted entirely online, and includes short test and practical programming problem.

You can receive more information and apply from the web site of the academy:

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