IPT Presenting Kafka Streams + ML @ DEV.BG

Trayan Iliev from IPT will present Scalable realtime data processing using Kafka Streams in DEV.BG on May 29, 2023. The talk will focus on integration between realtime event processing with Kafka Streams and Machine Learning technologies. The key topics include:

>>> Big data architectures – Lambda, Kappa, Zeta
>>> ML on scale – spark.mllib, spark.ml, Flink ML or Kafka Streams?
>>> Kafka Streams architecture
>>> Kafka Streams APIs – Kafka Streams DSL & Processor API
>>> Stream processing topologies
>>> Streams DSL stateless and stateful transformations (aggregating, joining, windowing, custom processors and transformers), time-windowed and session windowed aggregations, hoping, tumbling, sliding and session windows, KStreams/KTables/GlobalKTables joins and foreign-key joins
>>> Building ML pipelines using Kafka Streams

>>> Q&A

The presentation will be followed by  live demo.

Feel invited to join the event.

>>> Траян is founder of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies – IT training and consultancy company, specialized in Java, Spring, Fullstack JS/TS with React, React Native and Angular, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) with Python, RNNs and Transformer networks, Neuro-Symbolic learning, big data/event processing in realtime (Spark, Kafka, Flink), IoT, web and mobile technologies.
>>> He is Oracle & OMG certified developer, project manager and trainer with 15+ years experience. He has been conducting  trainings for international companies like  VMware, IBM Bulgaria, Bosch Software Innovations, Accenture, Modis and many others.