IPT conducted Java Spring Training for Fadata in July 2021

IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies in partnership with MNKnowledge conducted Java Spring training for Fadata (https://www.fadata.eu/) in July 2021.
Java training was intensive, in two weeks, and included topics such as: Spring Boot, Spring Core – annotation-driven, xml and programmatic bean configuration, dependency injection and lookup, Spring MVC, SpEL, Spring AOP, Spring JDBC, Hibrnate, JPA, Spring Data JPA, DTO mapping, TDD, Domain Driven Design, SOA development – REST services, Spring Security.

The training is a part of the sequence of courses, conducted by IPT for Fadata including trainings for Java programmers and front-end development with ReactJS and TypeScript.

The participants demonstrated excellent abilities and motivation, rising their level of developer skills to be able to implement their own REST API project including JWT security and demonstrating the usage of the above technologies.
During the training were given multiple homework problems, and participants solved all of them successfully, receiving additional feedback form the instructor.

For additional information and discussion of options for organizing custom trainings, please contact us at office@iproduct.org