Trayan Iliev from IPT will present Structured Concurrency and Goroutines: Java vs. Go @jProfessionals on May 19-th

On May 19-th at jProfessionals Prime Edition stage, Trayan Iliev from IPT will present “Structured Concurrency, Virtual Threads and Goroutines: Java vs. Go”.

The presentation starts at 19:30 h and will have duration of 1 hour including the questions.


The talk compares the lightweight concurrency models implemented in Java as Virtual Threads (VT) by project Loom and in Golang as goroutines. The lightweight green threads M:N execution model is only part of the whole picture – there are important aspects of inter-thread/coroutine communication, error handling, interruption, preemption, timeouts, scheduling, context propagation. Different solutions to these problems proposed by the structured concurrency (SC) pattern employed by project Loom are compared to communicating sequential processes (CSP) abstraction using channels in Golang. Talk concludes by comparing some popular concurrent programming patterns implemented using virtual threads, goroutines and channels, and reactive programming libraries (RxJava, RxGo, Spring Reactor).

The event is organized by Bulgarian Java  User Group (BGJUG) and is free to attend:

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