Trayan Iliev presents Machine Learning with H2O and Spring @Java2Days on 22 Nov 2020

“Making Machine Learning Easy with H2O and Spring” will be presented by Trayan Iliev, Developer, IT trainer, and CTO of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies Ltd. @ #Java2Days #Conference on 21-23 December 2020.

Machine learning is becoming a must for many business domains and applications. H2O is a best-of-breed, open source, distributed machine learning library written in Java. The presentation shows how to create and train different type of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models easily using H2O Flow web interface – including Deep Learning Neural Networks, Automatic Machine Learning AutoML), Distributed Random Forest (DRF), Generalized Linear Model (GLM), Gradient Boosting Machine (GBM), XGBoost, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Generalized Low Rank Models (GLRM), Word2Vec among the many. The session finishes with a demo showing how to incorporate some of the trained models in a real-time streaming web service implemented using Spring 5 Web Flux and Spring Boot.