Lecture What’s New in Java 9? on the BGOUG Autumn Seminar

The Autumn Seminar of BGOUG will be held from 17 to 19 November 2017 in Hotel RIU Pravets Resort.

On Friday, November 17, from 16:30 to 17:15 in Hall A will be the lecture of Trayan Iliev on “What’s New in Java 9?”

Since September 2017, Java 9 is generally available. It offers many enhancements:

• Modularity – provides clear separation between public and private APIs with stronger encapsulation and flexible dependency management. Java no longer follows the “one size fits all” maxima, but enables tailor built runtimes for different platforms and containers. Examples show how to write, package and deploy modular, service-oriented apps with Java 9, including new tools, challenges, breaking changes and solutions to common problems.

• JShell – using and customizing Java 9 interactive console shell by example

• Process API updates – feature-rich, async OS process management and statistics

• Building asynchronous HTTP/2 and WebSocket pipelines using HTTP/2 Client and CompletableFuture composition

• Collection API updates

• Reactive Streams, CompletableFuture and Stream API updates

• Unified Logging, Stack walking, and other language enhancements (Project Coin)

• JVM instrumentation and garbage collection changes;

• Ahead of time compilation (AoT).

All topics are accompanied by live demos available for further review @ github.com/iproduct.