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Траян Илиев презентира Machine Learning with H2O and Spring @Java2Days на 22.12.2020

“Making Machine Learning Easy with H2O and Spring” ще бъдат представени от Траян Илиев, CTO на IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies Ltd. @ #Java2Days конференцията на 21-23 декември 2020. Абстракт: Machine learning is becoming a must for many business domains and applications. H2O is a best-of-breed, open source, distributed […]

Presentation at PlovDev 2019

Trayan Iliev ще презентира Distributed Pub-Sub Messaging and Logging beyond Kafka with Apache Pulsar, на 7-то издание на  PlovDev IT конференция – 30 ноември 2019 в Пловдив ( Resume: Apache Pulsar is an enterprise grade distributed pub-sub messaging platform, with a very flexible messaging model and an intuitive client API. […]