Презентация High Performance Reactive Java на конференцията на BGOUG юни 2016

Functional reactive programming (FRP) provides easy to use and composable higher-level abstraction for high-performance computing, hiding the complexities of non-blocking concurrency implementations.

Presentation covers:
– Reactive programming. Reactor & Proactor design patterns. Reactive Streams (java.util.concurrent.Flow)
– High performance non-blocking asynchronous apps on JVM using Reactor project & RxJava
– Disruptor (RingBuffer), Flux & Mono, Processors
– End-to-end reactive web applications and services: Reactor IO (REST, WebSocket) + RxJS + Angular 2
– Demo – reactive hot event streams processing on Raspberry Pi 2 (ARM v7) based robot IPTPI.
– RxJava (not Zen only 🙂 koans for self assessment.


Reactive Websocket Demo available @GitHub:

Reactive Robotics Demo available @GitHub:

.pdfIPT High Performance Reactive Java – BGOUG 2016