Java & JavaScipt Reactive Robotics and IoT @ jProfessionals 2016


IPT CEO Trayan Iliev talked about Java & JavaScipt Reactive Robotics and IoT @ jProfessionals’2016 (December 03, 2016). The presentation includes:

  • Domain Driven Design (DDD) for Robotics and IoT
  • IPTPI & LeJaRo robots – reactive java/javascript robotics demo
  • High-performance reactive micro-services development using Spring Reactor (high-level abstraction over LMAX Disruptor/ Ring Buffer as reactive streams)
  • State-of-the-art client side MVVM implementation with Angular 2, ngrx (Redux pattern), RxJS, and TypeScript
  • Bi-directional reactive streaming with WebSocket services.

You can find the jProfessionals presentation @ SlideShare:
Spring Reactor, Angular 2, RxJS & Reactive Robotics

It is accompanied by a live demo robotics project in GitHub:

More resources and courses about Functional Reactive Programming (FRP)/ Spring React/ RxJS/ Angular 2/ React/ Redux/ TypeScript are available @IPT website: