Business Services


Web Portal Development & REST Services

  • Mobile & Web Applications Development using latest Java EE 6/7 Technologies: JSF 2.2, WebSocket, Portlet 2.0, JDBC/JPA, JMS, JTA, EJB, CDI, Bean Validation
  • Web 2.0 Mashups: GPS Tracking with Google Maps, WebTV & User Generated Content, JavaScript/AJAX Portlets
  • Service Oriented Architecture with JAX-RS (REST, JSON & HATEOAS) & JAX-WS (SOAP, WSDL, WS-*)
  • Semantic Technologies & W3C Standarts (OWL, RDFS, WAI-ARIA, Micro-formats) Professionally UML-based Design & Documentation

New Services & Courses 2015

  • IPT Jaglet® IoT Platform
  • Programming of embedded systems and robots in Java
  • Embedded Java for Android™