Monthly Archives: July 2020

Rapid Web API development with Kotlin and Ktor webinar on July 7, 2020

Trayan Iliev from IPT presented Rapid Web API development with Kotlin and Ktor in a webinar organized with our partners from Modis Bulgaria ( and MNKnowledge. Presentation included introduction to Kotlin and Ktor with flow, async and channel examples. Ktor is an async web framework with minimal ceremony that leverages […]

Successful training ReactJS, Express and TypeScript in June-July 2020

IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies conducted a course for Fadata ( in partnership with MNK on Full-stack Application Development using ReactJS, Express and TypeScript, during which participants learned how to setup client and server-side TypeScript projects, developed type-safe components, single page applications (SPA), and backend REST/JSON APIs using technologies […]