Successful training ReactJS, Express and TypeScript in June-July 2020

IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies conducted a course for Fadata ( in partnership with MNK on Full-stack Application Development using ReactJS, Express and TypeScript, during which participants learned how to setup client and server-side TypeScript projects, developed type-safe components, single page applications (SPA), and backend REST/JSON APIs using technologies such as Webpack, ReactJS, Formik, Redux, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Socket.IO.

The Full-stack Application Development course using ReactJS, Express and TypeScript is aimed at beginners and intermediate developers with experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and provides in-depth practical experience with latest TypeScript, ReactJS, NodeJS and Express platforms and tools for rapid development of modern, component-based, mobile-first web applications that are easy to maintain and extend.

The workshop allows each participant to develop own components and applications with React, Redux and Formik, emphasizing practical aspects such as form validation and feedback, dynamic routing, centralized state handling using Redux Toolkit (for better developer experience), full-stack security solution using JWT/JWE, etc. Scheduled regular discussions and code reviews, presented by each participant, enable group problem solving and constant monitoring of participants’ progress.

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