Developing SPA with Angular 2 and TypeScript seminar

ANGULAR 2Trayan Iliev from IPT will present “Developing SPA with Angular 2 and TypeScript” seminar on May 19, 2016, 19 – 22 h in SoftUni.

The aim of the seminar is to present through practical examples the novelties in developing SPA with Angular 2 (+Ionic 2 demo). The reason for this event is the decision for using Angular 2 for bgjug 3.0 site frontend.

The program of the seminar is:

  • Single Page Aplications (SPA) with Ng2 (brief intro + video :)
  • ES6 & TypeScript (lambdas, interpolating strings, promises, interfaces, classes, constructors, encapsulation, inheritance, modules)
  • Angular 2 (modules, components и life-cycle events, views и templates, routing, metadata, data binding и reactive event processing с RxJS, services, directives, dependency injection, pipes, async processing)
  • Angular 2 style guide (discussion)

+ some extras like JS zones, Shadow DOM, lazy loading of route components и advanced routing (hierarchical rooters, auxiliary roots – paired states).

We will try to code together and to create Ng2 application with Angular CLI.

Who wants to participate in coding, let’s install NodeJS + Angular CLI previously to avoid unnecessary network load.

Installation Guide:

  1. Install NodeJS.  It is better to install version 6 or 4x. Read about NPM.
  2. Install TypeScript + editor (Visual Studio Code or Sublime 3).
  3. Install Angular 2 Command Line Interface (Angular CLI):
    npm install -g angular-cli