Presentation and Demo from BGOUG 2018 are available

IPT Reactive Java IoT Demo from BGOUG 2018

Sensor data is streamed in realtime from Arduino + accelerometeres, gyroscopes & compass 3D, ultrasound distance sensor, etc. using UDP protocol. The data processing is done with reactive Java alterantive implementations: callbacks, CompletableFutures and using Spring 5 Reactor library. The web 3D visualization with Three.js is streamed using Server Sent Events (SSE).

The presentation is available @speakerdeck:

All source code of the demo is freely available @GitHub:

There are more reactive Java demos in the same repository – callbacks, CompletableFuture, realtime event streaming. Soon I’ll add a description how to build the device and upload Arduino sketch, as well as describe CompletableFuture and Reactor demos and 3D web visualization part with Three.js. Please stay tuned 🙂