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See What’s New in Java 9? Presentation

What’s New in Java 9? presentation by Trayan Iliev @BGOUG Autumn Seminar, Nov 17, 2017: https://speakerdeck.com/trayan/whats-new-in-java-9  @Speakerdeck https://www.slideshare.net/Trayan_Iliev/whats-new-in-java-9-82901741/  @Slideshare and most important – the code 🙂 : https://github.com/iproduct/reactive-demos-java-9  

High Performance Reactive Java Presentation on BGOUG Conference 2016

Functional reactive programming (FRP) provides easy to use and composable higher-level abstraction for high-performance computing, hiding the complexities of non-blocking concurrency implementations. Presentation covers: – Reactive programming. Reactor & Proactor design patterns. Reactive Streams (java.util.concurrent.Flow) – High performance non-blocking asynchronous apps on JVM using Reactor project & RxJava – Disruptor […]